Treatment of pulmonary hypertension

Before the treatment, it is necessary to properly diagnose and accurately diagnose the problem. Treatment depends on the underlying cause of the patient and the severity of the illness for each individual.

Some things to keep in mind:
1. Regular use of medications
-2 Lifestyle modification
-3 Surgery if necessary
-4 Regular visits and consultations with specialist physician

-1 Medications:
A: Lung Hypertension: Group 1:

Various types of drugs are available in this group. The choice of type of medication depends on the severity of the disease and the progression of its tolerance and availability of the drug to the patient.

Oxygen: Some patients with pulmonary hypertension require oxygen in the course of the disease. Sometimes a physician recommends oxygen consumption of less than 90% at altitudes and sleep disturbances.

Blood anticoagulant or diluent: such as warfarin or diabetic that reduces the risk of clot formation. Notice that the patient should be monitored. Consumption of many medications and vegetables is interfering with this drug and the PT INR should be consulted with the doctor in relation to bleeding complications and frequent testing.

Drugs: Like fructose, spinolactone eliminates excess fluid from blood and tissues and reduces swelling and shortness of breath and improves cardiac function.

Drug-enhancing drugs like digoxin: Improves heart pumping power.

Vascular diluents like diltiazem and amlodipine: Only when the patient responds to a drug test during catheter is effective and reduces symptoms and improves the patient.

Sildenafil and Tadalafil: Orally 20 and 50 mg, and with the dilatation of the smooth muscles of the lung, reduce the pressure of the vessels and improve the symptoms of the patient. The side effects of the drug include stomach pain and dizziness.

Acethanol: The oral drug is available at 62.5 and 125 mg. This drug, blocked by blockade of endothelin receptors in vascular vasoconstriction, causes pulmonary vasodilatation and decreased lung pressure. Liver enzymes need to be monitored monthly. Other side effects include anemia, nasal congestion, and fetal astrophysiology and infertility in men.

Prostaglandins: They are in the form of an intravenous infusion such as influenza and inhalation, such as Venustasis or Ileoprost. These drugs cause dilatation of the pulmonary vasculature, and prevent the formation of clots in the arteries. This drug should be pumped through a catheter pumped chest under the skin, It should be infused continuously and this pump should be accompanied by the patient. This means that the patient should be able to take his medication and take care of his injected catheter or discuss his problems with his doctor. Side effects include jaw pain, nausea, diarrhea, muscular cramps and pain and infections. At the site of the catheter, the other is an inhalable drug that is used every three weeks Speed ​​through inhalation nebulizer should be. This method is safe. It is painless and comes in direct contact with the lungs when inhaled. Side effects include nausea headaches and shortness of breath.

B. Lung Hypertension Group II:

In this category, the main illness is heart failure, and lung hypertension treatment is a treatment for heart failure. (For more information, see Heart Disease Treatment). In some studies, sildenafil has been effective in improving symptoms of heart failure patients, but other drugs are not effective. Can be harmful.

C-Lung Hypertension Group III:

In this category, the cause of the underlying pulmonary disease is poorly defined, such as blind malformations and nouns. Oxygen is less than 90% oxygen. Bronchodilators such as Salbutamol or Cerflove spray should be adjusted for other treatments with a specialty of the lung. Vasodilatory drugs, such as sildenafil or acuminate, are sometimes effective in temporarily improving symptoms, but it exacerbates the lack of oxygen and is not recommended for a long time.

D-Lung hypertension of the fourth group (Chronic lung embolism):

In this category, the pulmonary hypertension is the formation and expansion of the clot and obstruction of the lung vessels.
– The main treatment in this category is warfarin and surgery (warfarin should be used for life)
Pulmonary vasodilators such as sildenafil tadalafil bosentan or prostaglandin can also be used in cases where the patient is unable to undergo surgery due to clinical disability and can be used in postoperative cases of lung hypertension, which can lead to relative improvement in the patient.

E-treatment in the fifth group:

Based on the disease, it should be with the expert physician.

New medicine:

Riociguat: has been effective in studies in patients with pulmonary hypertension, especially the fourth group.

Selexipag is also a new drug in the disease. Extensive research is ongoing.

2- How to take medications

-List of your disease name and associated medications.
– Take any medication at a specific time. Once you have missed the dose, do not take two doses at one time.
Over-the-counter medications such as colds in adults with pseudoephedrine and anti-inflammatory drugs such as indomethacin or ibuprofen may be harmful to patients with heart failure. It is advisable to consult with your doctor about taking any medication.
Cessation or dosing of medications should be considered by the doctor.

-3 Surgical treatment

Chronic embolism is called thrombocyte dermatitis and is the only definitive treatment in this disease. It is a complex complication and should be selected by a skilled team in this field and performed by a qualified surgeon. A surgical procedure is performed on the chest and connected to the pump by the pump. In this case, the surgeon clots and materials that lead to blockage of the lung can be completely removed from at least 6 segments of the lung.
The results of the action in the hands of an excellent team with a mortality rate of less than 3%, accompanied by improved cardiac output and symptoms of the patient.

– BAS Creates a hole in the cornea:

This method is done through angiography and by a skilled person in this field

What is heart failure?

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